Our Services


Digital Installations

As an approved digital supplier by the top LED manufacturers in the UK we have a direct link with digital advertising manufacturers. As well as large scale Digital, OL have extensive experience in the supply and manufacture of both indoor and outdoor advertising panels, LED and plasma screens in shopping malls, rail concourses and street furniture.

OL can supply all types of LCD and LED screens of all sizes and pitch. The  examples on our digital panels page are of internal and external 65 inch LCD screens installed in the south of England. The content is powered by bespoke software tailored to your requirements

Traditional Billboards

Over the years OL have built over 1,000 billboards across the UK. Providing a design, manufacture, supply and build service – we offer a truly turnkey solution to all our clients.

As the supplier of the only fully metal advertising panel, Outdoor Logistics have more experience in these installations than any other UK supplier.

Our installation teams also handle the building of backlight and walk-in panels.


With maintenance teams based in multiple locations we are never far away from (and able to resolve) any problem. With over 20 years of OOH experience there isn’t a problem we haven’t solved.

Vinyl and Implementation

Our Vinyl Installation and Implementation Team cover the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland. Offering bespoke location based services for high street retailers and shopping centres.

Special Posting

Outdoor Logistics have the capability to post large scale 2D and 3D advertisements throughout the UK in rail and high street environments.

Complicated design and locations are not an issue our installation crews are able to adapt to fit to specific requirements.

Building wraps and Banners

We at Outdoor Logistics undertake building wraps which include scaffold and key clamp designs. Working with TFL to obtain licenses and permits is not a problem nor is high profile sites or complicated locations. Working with all stakeholders to deliver our projects on time and on budget is something we pride ourselves on.

LED Installation

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Hospital posting and Sampling

Outdoor Logistics post, carry out panel installation and sampling/ leafleting in hospitals across the whole of the UK including Scotland. Coordinating paperwork, liaising with hospital staff, in house fitters and the client to deliver a variety of campaigns. This can include making up stands replenishing stock levels and a variety of other tasks

Metal Billboards

Phase three saw the introduction of the all metal panel and platform. From concept and design through to calculations and form 3 sign off from NR to build, Outdoor were included in every aspect of this process. Design life of 15 year and built through the whole of the UK these were the first completely metal panels.