Digital Panels

We supply state of the art digital panels powered by our own in-house software that keeps your adverts on and functioning.  

The Fusion Panel

This state of the art product combines sleek design with cutting edge technology, to reduce weight, and combine component parts to simplify the product, whilst maintaining quality.

It’s easy to install, maintain and service coming in at 25% of the weight of a conventional panel. Power consumption is 60% less than that of a conventional panel, meaning the cost savings are significant on both installation and ongoing costs. We also offer ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

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Digital Panels

OL can supply all types of LED screens of all sizes. The examples below are of internal and external 65 inch LED screens installed in the south of England. The content is powered by bespoke software tailored to your requirements

Internal or external

Digital panels vary greatly across size and format so guidance to get the right panel and pitch is imperative. OL offer support to get the correct panel for the right environment and work along side you to offer the best solution.


OL can install all sizes of panels across the UK in the high street, rail and various other infrastructure environments. Pull tests are offered to prove the fixing and conform to engineering calculations as required. Electrical connections are signed off to NIC EIC certification. OL are proven to install a high standard as shown by the number of our SSIP’s.

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