Recent Projects

The case studies below show our most recent projects to date.

Birmingham new street


Installation of 20 digital six sheets. This constitutes one of the major transport hubs in the midlands. Outdoor Logistics were part of the team of main contractors/ stakeholders who worked together to deliver this project on time and on budget for a high profile advertising launch. We were asked to adapt to a changing environment and be flexible in our approach to get this job over the line.

St Pancras Station


Installation of 15 brand new bespoke Digital six sheets 8 of which were upgrades from GDS panels, this is part of an ongoing renewal works at one of London’s busiest main line train stations, working to tight deadlines as part of a partnership with a number of stakeholders and main contractors. The project was delivered on time and on budget

London Bridge Banner


Installation of large scale illuminated banner on network rail infalstructure.

Shepherds Bush 


Installation of three story scaffold and key clamp frame to display large advertising banner as well and printed one to one. This job was delivered whilst coordinating labour and materials on very busy location. It meant working with local traders/ residents and hotel staff avoiding busy periods to install this high profile site.

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